Trigger a Divi Popup on Click

Manual Click Triggers

With Divi Overlays, literally anything on the page can trigger your popup overlay on click!

You can easily set a click trigger by simply adding the unique CSS ID to any element on the page. This means you’re not limited to only adding click triggers to Divi modules! You can add a click trigger to any text, image, button, menu link, etc, as well as ANY Divi section, row, or module.

View Divi Overlays Click Trigger Documentation:

Click Trigger Examples

Trigger a Divi Overlay popup with a text link like this.

Or, you can use an image such as this:

Entire Sections Or Rows Can Also Trigger Your Divi Overlay PopUp


I highly recommend Divi Overlays to novice users and pros. It is easy to use and works with the Divi Builder and is a great alternative to traditional modals. However, the top reasons I recommend this plugin are the support and ongoing development. Support is fast and personable, which can be important when working on a deadline. The developers have updated the plugin with some great additional functionality, and they welcome suggestions from users.

Shay Mann


Divi Overlays is by far one of the best divi specific plugins I have used. I have built 6 or 7 sites since it’s launch and have it on every one of them. I wouldn’t be without it now.

Paul Rhodes