Hey it looks like you’re viewing this page on a mobile device! Unfortunately Exit Intent does not work on mobile devices. Why? Because the technology behind exit intent works by tracking the MOUSE movement of the user. And on mobile/touch devices, there is no mouse to track.

So we recommend testing Exit Intent on a Desktop or Laptop computer to see how it works.

So if exit intent does not work on mobile, what should we do instead? We recommend having an exit intent Popup for Computer, and then having a separate popup just for mobile devices that is triggered on a timed delay.

Trigger a Divi Popup on Exit Intent

Exit Intent Trigger

The Exit Intent Popup Trigger will trigger the popup right before the user is about to leave the page. When the user’s mouse leaves the main viewport area, which implies they will be leaving the page, the popup will trigger! This has been proven to be an incredibly effective method at increasing conversions and email list subscriber growth.

Go ahead and try it out! Start heading for that back button!

(normally we recommend utilizing our close button cookie feature to only show the popup once, but for demonstration purposes you can refresh to see it again!)

View the Exit Intent Popup Documentation Here

Other Automatic Triggers

Timed Delay Trigger

Set your delay in seconds, or choose 0 to trigger on page load.

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Scroll Based Trigger

Trigger your overlay by how far the user has scrolled on the page.

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URL Trigger

Link directly to your overlay by adding /#overlay-1234 to the URL.

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Divi Overlays is one of the highest quality plugins you will be able to find. Like testimonials and a contact page, Divi Overlays is also one of those plugins that is a “must have” on practically any site. After browsing the documentation, I was able to create a new overlay in minutes. You can put just about anything you want into an overlay, including sliders, contact forms, blogs, and content from other plugins. It all uses the Divi Builder, which is just amazing. The potential for this plugin is practically limitless. Watch the intro and demo videos, and read the documentation. You’ll be convinced. An easy 5 stars, 11 if I could. Kudos on the months of hard work! The results speak for themselves.

Terry Hale


I have to say I’m thoroughly impressed with both the plugin Divi Overlays as well as the support that truly tries to go above and beyond. So far, all of my problems could be solved and I’ve used the plugin in a couple of different scenarios. In my opinion, it’s an excellent addition to Divi “out of the box” as it provides you with plenty of additional flexibility. You don’t want the user to leave the site, but provide him with some additional information about a specific product? No problem, just add an overlay. You don’t want users to re-load the page after they want to check out your legal information (very important in Europe) -> again, just put it in an overlay.