Trigger a Divi Popup Based on Scroll

Scroll Based Trigger

The Scroll Based Trigger allows you to automatically trigger the popup after the user has scrolled down a specified amount of the page. You can define the point on the page where the popup will trigger based on either percentage scrolled, or by Pixels scrolled.

Scroll down the page to see the popup trigger!

View the Divi Popup Scroll Trigger Documentation

Other Automatic Triggers

Timed Delay Trigger

Set your delay in seconds, or choose 0 to trigger on page load.

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Exit Intent Trigger

Trigger right before the user hits the back button or leaves the site.

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URL Trigger

Link directly to your overlay by adding /#overlay-1234 to the URL.

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This plugin is GAME CHANGER. It’s amazingly simple to create HIGHLY customizable overlays on any and all pages you’d like them on and the level of control you have when creating your popups is as expansive as the Divi theme itself is. Giving this plugin 5 stars was a no-brainer. Keep up the AMAZING work!

Alex Brinkman


Probably one of my best purchase decision in years! This is a no brainer. How often will you encounter some plugin that helps you boost sales, get attention, do to most trendy exist-attempt prompt, harvest email address or show any one-way message or interactive element at a pre-defined timing/scroll length? In an unexpected incident which I need to re-activate the plugin due to some technical error in my server, the after-sale service is there with you every step and make sure you are OK before you say thank you and goodbye. For me, that WORTH A MILLION to help me retain the trust of my own customers.

Dominic Chan

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