Trigger a Divi Popup from URL String

URL Trigger

The URL Trigger in Divi Overlays allows you to “link” directly to your overlay/popup from an external page. For example, say you have a contact form within a Divi Overlay popup. You could put a “Get in Touch” link on your Facebook Profile with a link to your website + the URL Trigger and it will autmatically trigger the contact form popup when the user clicks the link and lands on your website.

Here’s what the URL Trigger looks like:
(in the above example, 123 is the overlay ID).

The below link will automatically trigger the Popup Video on the Divi Life All Access Page:

And this link will automatically trigger the Contact Form on the Divi Overlays Product page.

View URL Triggers Documentation Page

Other Automatic Triggers

Timed Delay Trigger

Set your delay in seconds, or choose 0 to trigger on page load.

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Scroll Based Trigger

Trigger your overlay by how far the user has scrolled on the page.

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Exit Intent Trigger

Trigger right before the user hits the back button or leaves the site.

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I highly recommend Divi Overlays to novice users and pros. It is easy to use and works with the Divi Builder and is a great alternative to traditional modals. However, the top reasons I recommend this plugin are the support and ongoing development. Support is fast and personable, which can be important when working on a deadline. The developers have updated the plugin with some great additional functionality, and they welcome suggestions from users.

Shay Mann


Divi Overlays is by far one of the best divi specific plugins I have used. I have built 6 or 7 sites since it’s launch and have it on every one of them. I wouldn’t be without it now.

Paul Rhodes